Sunday, October 4, 2015

See Chiropractors In Marina Del Rey CA And Get Well

By Della Monroe

For those enamored with alternative forms of medicine, there are specialties that need no introduction. Chiropractors in Marina Del Rey CA have been around since the end of the 1800's and have held their place quite well. They are known to diagnose and treat a variety of musculoskeletal problems through adjustment and manipulation, with excellent results. It is no wonder they are consulted for neck, spine, and back issues that have not had previous successful treatment.

Doctors in this field of alternative medicine study at schools of chiropractic medicine, and they have done so for over one hundred years. In fact, this is a venerable profession with legions of adherents. Practitioners are now licensed and regulated according to state boards. They hold malpractice insurance and accept health policies just like their medical counterparts.

It is all about the spine in this industry. It is the focal point of the body and the nervous system. Every part of the physical self can be affected from the interconnection of fibers. It is believed that vertebrae that are out of alignment (or subluxated) are the cause of many ailments. Adjustments in this area are the key to restoration of function and well-being. Most anything can be corrected.

Thousands of nerves permeate the body through the limbs right to the hands and feet. Since they originate in the spine, any misalignment of vertebrae will have a painful consequence most anywhere. Physiological functions can be compromised. Adjustments to the spine are the obvious answer with the doctor performing an almost miraculous feat.

On the first consultation, the issues and problems are exposed and assessed before treatment is recommended. Tests are done to reveal joint health and flexibility as well as proper nerve conduction. A full medical history is obtained to learn more about the patient and X-rays may be taken. It amounts to a physical examination of the first order. It can be a supplement or substitute for your regular doctor's evaluation.

In addition to manipulation, exercises for stretching and strengthening may be prescribed as well as dietary changes and herbal supplements. There are things a patient does at home apart from the office. Generally on appointments you lie on a low table for your spinal adjustment and related massage and electrical stimulation. Ultrasound may be used for muscle relaxation.

The adjustment itself is like a cracking of the spine and some patients feel a popping sensation. Massage can be included as well as electrical stimulation and ultrasound to loosen tense muscle and relax the body. The touch can be vigorous or gentle. The chiropractic table which swivels and rises or lowers is a key tool in the process. Patients attest widely to the efficacy of the treatment and the permanent progress they make in pain relief.

The key to health for this specialist is clearly one area of the body as the foundation of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. It is not as narrow a focus as it may seem given the interconnections of bodily functions. Thousands attest to its efficacy as they are freed from pain. Chronic pain is very debilitating and harsh medications can have side effects. With this brand of holistic medicine, a patient can become whole once again.

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