Saturday, October 3, 2015

Career Coaching Can Be Excellent

By Della Monroe

Many teachers and other professionals who work within a high school or college may inform their students about all of the latest jobs available. They will give the very best career coaching to these eager young individuals who would like to do great things within the world.

It is always fascinating whenever a human being likes to shadow certain doctors, lawyers, police officers or others who are working within the community. One great instructor thought that it would be a good idea to let her senior class students learn about the employment world in a unique way.

One sunny afternoon after class was completed she instructed all of her students to write down which job they would be interested in. Many of them wanted to gain a career within the athletic and entertainment world while others were more realistic and picked hospital jobs. Fortunately three students were sent to the main lobby of the hospital at the start of the work week. They were sure to learn all about oncology, cardiology and pediatrics.

Once the adventure started these students would learn new and exciting things that would really help them in the long run. All of the staff workers made sure to give the intelligent students a warm welcome when they first arrived on the scene. A small girl named Laura was placed with the oncology team and she made every effort to learn about all of the cancer treatments. Laura also read books to the older people who were patients within this department.

An elderly woman on this ward had passed away while Laura was doing her internship. She was very sad when the woman died until a staff worker told her all about the deaths which usually happen at this location. He warned the girl to never get emotionally involved with any patient and this was good solid advice. Over time Laura would surely learn how to accept death when it comes without warning.

The male student who worked with the pediatrics group truly loved his job since he was able to care for a variety of babies and toddlers who came in for treatment. He had always liked children and felt that these little individuals had a very special place within this world. Fortunately this lad had the patience and skills to do a great job on this ward.

Cindy had the chance to learn all about a variety of heart diseases while she was placed with the cardiology unit. She knew that this was the place to obtain all the necessary knowledge which would help her family. Unfortunately many of her relatives were currently suffering from all types of chest pains and other health issues.

Once the entire project was completed their faithful teacher insisted that each student should write an essay about their career days. Luckily many of them were quite anxious to share their experiences and this was great for everyone involved. The instructor knew that her idea had been a complete success which would be duplicated by other institutes.

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